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truck not level(side to side)

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I have noticed my truck sits higher on the passenger side than the other. This is at the rear end. Why is this, and what is the way to correct it ?
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Gm does it to almost every new Truck/Suv vehicle built it seems.

Mine and many others were the same way. Put a Fuel Tank and a Driver on the same side and lean on me..........

Just crank up the Drivers Side Torsion bar a few turns , go find a level spot and take measurements to the bottom of the frame behind the front wheel. Adjust as necessary.

Mine required 1" of adjustment, done by the dealer.

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Should I attempt this adjustment myself, or take it back to the dealer ? If I should do it, how hard is it and can you give me some tips ?
If it's still under your 36 month warranty, I'd let the dealer do it.

That way if there's ever something wrong it's documented...

They had to do mine as well. Mine was also off about an 1" from side to side. When I took the truck in, the service writer rolled her eyes when I told her that it was off some side to side. She indicated that it was a pretty common occurence...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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