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That is correct to my knowledge, but my expertise lies in the lighter 4L60E transmission.
here is the code list i have and i believe it to be 98% accurate.


Tag ID CTR# Application
0AJP T1675AA 4.3L G2500
0AKP T1664AB 7.4L G-Van
0BCP T1661AA 5.7L C-Truck
0BJP T1659AC 5.7L K2500
0BMP T1661BA 5.7L Workhorse P-Van
0BSP T1659AC 6.0L K-Truck
0BTP T1661BB 5.7L P-Van
0DCP T1661AC 7.4L C-Truck
0DLP T1659AB 7.4L K-Truck
0DMP T1659AB 7.4L K-Truck
0DNP T1661BB 5.7L Workhorse P-Van
0DPP T1695MAR2000 7.4L P-Van, RV NO PARK

7.4L C3500 4L80EHD 15,000 GVW
0HMP T1661AB 5.7L P-Van
0HPP T1664AA 5.7L C-Truck, G-Van
0JHP T1662AA 5.7L GMC / Isuzu NPR Tilt Cab,
0LAP T1661AC 6.5L Workhorse P-Van
0LCP T1693AA 6.5L G-Van, Bus
0LFP T1659AB 6.5L K-Truck
0LHP T1661BB 6.5L P-Van
0LLP T1658AB 6.5L C-Truck
0MCP T1664AA 6.0L C-Truck
0MJP T1664AA 6.0L C-Truck
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