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Transfer Case, Transmission, Differentials?

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I have a couple questions. I had my wife take my truck in to get the 30,000 mile maintenance done in Florida. The Chevy dealer said they would not drain and refill the transmission and transfer case. They said when they flush the transmission, the transfer case is included. Are they connected fluidly? Also, you don't have to touch the differentials until 100,000 miles? The dealer also reccommended to have the injectors flushed, is that a good idea on a diesel? That dealer also wanted an extra $42.50 to inspect the brakes when they rotated the tires. I told them they were out of their mind. Thanks!
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I think if I were you I would find another dealer.
My truck had less than a 1000 miles on it when I drained and refilled both diffs. You shoud have seen what came out the rear one. And, what was on the magnetic plug. Both now have syn. 75w-90 in them.
From reading this forum I seem to have seen reference to some dealers using a machine to change the fluid in the transmission by pumping in new fluid as the old is pumped out. Don't know anything about this method but I did use the "hoot" procedure to change mine to Transynd a few weeks ago. I also changed the transfer case at the same time.
I just can't believe a dealer won't drain and refill your transmission. At least you would get new fluid for the major portion of the system. And, draining and refilling the transfer case is probably the only way to do it.
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