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Towing with Superchips

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I was going to tow 10k lbs today and didn't want to reprogram. It is currently set to tow/performance. This setting says it is safe to tow up to 6k lbs. Do you think that with the addition of the catless 4" exhaust I would be fine. I wonder if egt is the concern. If so, I should be okay with the free flowing exhaust.

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I would think you will be fine with the superchips . When I used mine I never took it off performance setting ( no towing allowed) and would haul a 4500 pd work trailer all the time from tx to nm parts of colorado all over on long trips up some steep grades watched EGT's all the time they never were high enough to worry about. sometimes they would get to 1200 but only for a second
I wouldnt worry about the alli with the superchips it will handle most anything that programmer can throw at it and if your still worried about it just throw in a transgo jr then you know it will handle it. as a side bonus you could run it on performance and it might shift better for you. just a thought
let us know what kinda numbers you get when you dyno it. I dyno'd my truck with the superchips when I first got it and on performance it layed down 387 rwhp
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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