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Towing with Superchips

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I was going to tow 10k lbs today and didn't want to reprogram. It is currently set to tow/performance. This setting says it is safe to tow up to 6k lbs. Do you think that with the addition of the catless 4" exhaust I would be fine. I wonder if egt is the concern. If so, I should be okay with the free flowing exhaust.

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That's what I thought - the concern is exhaust gas temps. If Tow mode is okay with the stock exhaust then Tow/Performance should be okay with a catless 4". Thanks!

I guess the only other concern could be the tranny. I used the Allisons Tow/Haul mode and it worked like a champ! Oh well, it will go one of these days and I will need a new one (the story to the wife ;))
Yea, tearing into the transmission isn't something I think I want to tackle. I'm going to one of those dyno days at a local shop in the next few weeks. My postive experiences with mechanics/shops has been pretty hit-or-miss. If they treat me fair, they could wrangle me out of some money :)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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