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Tow/Haul question

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I was talking to Dad last night, and he told me something that he found out while driving the truck around. Put it in tow/haul, then hold the button in for 10 secs, and the tranns acts totally different. As I'm down here in college till I go home for Spring Break and get to drive the truck once again, can anyone enlighten me as to what it's doing?

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Not sure about on an LBZ but if Im not mistaken, all it does is locks out Over-drive. This is what it does on the LLYs and other TCMs that have the ODLO (over-drive lock-out) feature.
Hrmm, I'll have to find out if it locks out both OD's (6spd), or just one of them.

Anyone else have any thoughts?
That's what my thought would be..mine has a second light that comes on..it is the D symbol with a line through it. I'm not sure on the 6 speeds though.
You can tap the button twice and it will lock-out the OD.
6 speeds dont have this because they have manual mode
hrmm. question still lingers then.
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