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Tow/Haul Mode w/o Towing

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Last weekend we were driving with some friendes in the Smoky Mountains. Instead of putting my foot on the brake for the long (8-10 mile) drive down the moutain, I decided to switch on Tow/Haul mode. The truck maintained the same speed while driving down the mountain. Of course, I had to use brakes around corners. Nevertheless, on long runs I just sat there and enjoyed the ride while the engine and transmission loading kept my speed constant.

To my surprise, the transmission temperature actually dropped. I presume there is nothing wrong with loading the transmission and engine up in this manner for a minute or so at a time. Any thoughts?
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Will not hurt it one bit.

I use it the other way. I love the way it handles shifting on acceleration.... on top of having no muffler. The Ricers and foreign cars don't know what to make of it. I can't beat them all but just keeping up messes with their heads
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Using T/H does have a slight negative effect on your gas mileage, doesn't it??? I think I will still use it cruising around town, just so I can here the Dmax a little better.....
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Allison had grade braking in mind when they built and programmed the tranny. If you need braking on more hills use and exhaust brake then you should get 100K miles out of the pads .

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Don't forget that in T/H you get a locked Torque Converter in 2, 3, 4 and 5. A lot less heat gets pumped into the fluid. Like Hoot, I kinda like using it even when empty and besides, that's where Level 4 is set.

I set it back to "2" for towing. Can't wait for that in-cab controller.
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