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Throwout bearing chirping or something else?

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Sorry for the rudimentary question as I am new to the DMF & SMF clutches:

My 01 Duramax has a occasional chriping/squeaking from the transmission when the clutch pedal is depressed. I was quick to jump to the concusion that the throw-out bearing should be replaced when I can get to it. After reading here about the flywheels and other stuff, I want to make sure that I haven't mis-diagnosed and actually this is normal, or worse like a very expensive repair. FYI the flywheel replaced 50K miles ago at the GM dealer by previous owner (now has 129k miles).

The last time I replaced a clutch was about 6 years ago and it was on a Chevy 3/4 ton 4X4 350/SM465/NP208. Took about three days and I remember the PIA it was to lift the trans by a cherry picker with a chain though the t-case opening in the floorpan. Not really looking forward to 3 days on my garage floor again.
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toybreaker;1647203; said:
I've had two slave cylinders and a complete clutch replacement.

The throwout bearing would squeak/chirp when the truck was warm (highway hot) and the clutch pedal was depressed. The dealership replaced the slave and throwout bearing (all-in-one) under warranty and it went away for about 5k miles. They said that the bearing and surroundings had all kinds of rusty metal shavings around them.

It started happening again but never for the dealer so I put both of the winter fronts on and cruised on the interstate until it started up. Then I high-tailed it to the dealer and after they heard it they believed me. They ended up replacing the dual mass flywheel (redesigned by GM), the clutch, pressure plate, and the slave/throwout bearing. Fortunately when the service manager sent it through, GM warranteed it all except for a $100 deductible. I had no issues with that as the truck was out of the warranty period. I guess some funny wear on the clutch and my mention of vibration in the stick on the highway made them decide to replace it all.

They also mentioned the bulletin for the tranny cooler with pump. I've thought of putting one on but can't seem to find one for sale. I did find some aluminum "coolers" that bolt on in place of the PTO covers ($190) but no aftermarket fluid cooler setups for manual trannys. I've read that the Ford version of the ZF6 has a pump built into it at the main shaft with ports and everything. I wonder if that can be added to ours.

I would suggest a tranny jack for both the transfer case and transmission as they are several hundred pounds each. Helm's sells the complete GM repair manuals and Unit repair manuals for our trucks for ~$200. The set is 7 books, 5 gray and 2 yellow. They are very thick (12 inches or so) and worth the money I think.
there is a place in Kokomo In. that makes a cooler with a pump. it is called "coolman transmission coolers"
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