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Trucks been sitting for 6 months now. Drove it a couple times just to move it around.

The front end has loosened up a bit but still doesn't drive perfect. Needs more parts yet.

I'm evaluating a flatbed build with toolboxes for the business instead of fixing the bed. Or selling it because I can't seem to keep it on the road.

The dump truck has been being used for my business but because it runs so bad and the price of fuel is high, I've torn into its electrical issues.

I cannot get a straight answer from the scrap yards about what needs to come off of the engine blocks to scrap them so I need to take a block and heads in to the actual to get more info on what they need to have taken off. You get a woman at the front desk who won't answer specific questions. Seems like an extreme amount of effort to drive it an hour to a place that takes that sort of scrap.

Parts sales have been absolutely abysmal.
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241 - 241 of 241 Posts