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testing injectors

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Hey guys is it possible to bench test your own injectors ?? i have heard of this and know they work off of high pressure , more then what a standard compressor goes up to (120 psi) .
so if this is possible could someone please explain on how to do this !
thanks scott !!
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You would need a hand pump that could pump at least 2000 psi. I know the injector "pops" below that but you want the injector to pop off and not hit the relief valve in the pump. You'd also want, I would think you would, someway to hold the injector, so you could see the patern it sprays, and something to spray into. This would keep the mess down and keep hands and eyes from getting in the way. Oh course the lines to connect pump to injector and some sort of supply for the pump. Not hard to setup if you were testing them often or had several set to test yearly, but most of us don't. Local Diesel shop may/should have a way to test them. Some around here do them for free I think.
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