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If you are constantly testing your Chevy truck on and off the road, being 100% sure that it surely will start when you need and you simply wouldn't stuck in the middle of nowhere due to the dead battery is vitally important. Typically, most of run-of-the-mill batteries available on the market barely last 2-3 years, with our Tested Tough MAX 12V Battery by Motorcraft you surely will gain a lot more. Starting with the noticeable boost in performance to obtaining a battery of the impressively long life span. Being designed for tough trucks, like your Silverado, this battery is manufactured from exceptionally strong, impact-resistant material and heat-sealed to prevent leaks.

As a bonus, Motorcraft managed to reduced the recharging time to minimum, to make the usage even more convenient for you.

Find more details on this Motorcraft® BAGM-48H6-760 - Group 48 Tested Tough MAX 12V Battery at CARiD, simply click on the picture below:

Battery Terminal Location: Top;
Polarity: Straight;
Battery Type: Acid;
BCI Group Size: 48;
CCA: 760;
Reserve Capacity: 120;
Price: $180.37;
Availability: In Stock;

Be sure to choose Motorcraft Auto Parts from the wide selection available on our web-site: http://www.carid.com/motorcraft/

Feel free to contact us if any additional questions appear.
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