I'm tearing down the following engines, two 1982 6.2's and a 1995 141 and 1997 506.

Please make offers on what you need. Can arrange delivery in the immediate tri-state area. Potential for Waukesha WI area as well.

I have 4 core stock turbos.
J-code 6.2 intake and one dual plane intake
6.2 accessory drive brackets two sets
6.2 CDR setups Jcode and Fcode
2 6.5 f-code intake upper and lower
1 sneaky pete gutted EGR upper intake to run on an F-code lower intake
6.2 and 6.5 alternators
log style Ac compressor
2 gear reduction starters
1 decent harmonic balancer
1 decent crank pulley
Flat panel air boxes/parts
Pistons, rods, pushrods, rockers, cam and matched lifter sets from 6.5's
I'll have a variety of precups, valves, springs etc from the 6.2/6.5s (Ill be using the diamonds from the 506)
Core DB2
6.2 and 6.5 valve cover sets.
6.5 oil pans
6.2 timing covers ( one needs a stud for the IP)
6.5 timing cover set and oil filter adapter.
6.2 oil cooler lines in nice shape
Piles of hardware for water pumps, pans, timing covers, etc.
All the heads are pending tear down and inspection...

Lots more I'm not thinking of, just ask. Trying to raise money to fix my truck and clean out my basement. I generally know if something is valuable...or not.... so as long as you can make it worth my time to ship it you can have something you need for a decent price.

I'm not a super fast shipper but if you need something quick be up front.

Sold stuff:
Accessory drive and Ac compressor from the 141
Cast rockers from the 6.2's
3 core DS4's
low pressure fuel lines from 6.2's
Long body injector lines.