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:help: On my way back from Carolina to Maryland cruising at seventy mph, I notice my tach increased slowly to 4500rpm scaring me half to death. I then notice that the engine was not actually over revving as the tach was indicating. Therefore, I continued on without stopping. The next malady was the volt meter maxed out. Now I am really scared. I pull off the interstate at the nearest gas station. At that time the tach's needle was laying against the edge of the guage wall and the volt meeter needle was pointing almost horizontal to the right.
I left the engine running and raised the hood, placing my hand on the alternator it was cool to the touch.
I could actually leave my hand on the alternator without feeling excess heat. I felt all the wires and both batteries and found nothing hot.
Got back in the truck and the tach was reading 4000 rpms at idle clearly a goofed up tach and ditto for the volt meter.
Headed back to the interstate and back to Maryland.
Once I got home and shut the engine off and restarted it again the needles on both meters started moving back from their pegged position but, not back to normal.
I will remove the Predator, re install the factory tune and call my dealer.
At any rate, anyone here had this kind of problem with their instrument cluster before?

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