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The engines dont seem to be all that great so why bother with the added expense.

My injectors were going bad by 45-50k. My oil pressure has been continually dropping since new (dealers answer--> dont use synthetic).

So why bother doing all this. The trucks are not going to last ANY longer. Your injectors wont last longer. Plenty of people here use NO additives and regualr oil and have had NO problems.

I wont be using either one ever again till the day I dump this truck.

I actually think that the Emulsifying additive caused my injectors to fail. But thats just my opinion and we know how that turned out on the whole Uni fiasco. :)

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I actually think that the Emulsifying additive caused my injectors to fail.
That very well could have been a part of the problem. GM recommends only DEmulsifying additives like Racor or Stanadyne.

I know you didn't have good experience with it, but it's better to get the water to drop out of the system ahead of the filter rather than emulsify it, have it pass through, and effectively sand-blast your injectors.

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I felt the same way about synthetic oil. Although not everyone has had the same experience, my oil pressure was lower. I figured I can just stick with dino and change it more often for the same price. For better or worse I do use stynadyne and red line with the fuel. My engine seems to run good but I only have 43K on it now. We'll see how it holds up. Hope the next pick works out better for you PC.....Bill

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What is all this fixation with oil pressure? Lower pressure equals more FLOW. I am running Mobil 1 T&SUV, and my oil pressure is the same as it was with the Delvac 1300 15W40. Dang, some of you guys are such worry warts!


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What is all this fixation with oil pressure? Lower pressure equals more FLOW. I am running Mobil 1 T&SUV, and my oil pressure is the same as it was with the Delvac 1300 15W40. Dang, some of you guys are such worry warts!

True enough, but some of the worry is founded. Low oil pressure can be a sign of fuel in oil and if the pressure drops too low this can lead to an insufficient amount of oil film between hard parts, either because viscosity is to low or not enough oil getting to all the nooks & crannies, either way it can cause wear and metal particles to get into the system. That's my $.02 worth. I use Rotella 15w-40 and change at 5000 miles, and Rotella Syn in the winter.

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problemchild, I think you should just dump your truck and get something you like. The money you loose is worth all the stress it seams to cause you.

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Dump your truck, get something you like, loose some stress,
and change your Handle!

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Stop Worring About It And Drive It. It Was Built To Break And Not To Last A Lifetime.wake Up, No Truck Will.

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I just did the math...

I added up EVERYTHING I have spent on this truck in 30 months. It is a grand total of 45,000 dollars. Thats including its current value of 17k for trade in. At 77k miles thats $1500.00 month or .59 cents per mile to drive it.

And do you think it matters what I buy?

My last 4 trucks have fallen apart. Toyota/bad, Ford/bad, Chevy/bad, GM/bad

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Well it looks like you have narrowed the field down to a skate board that way you are the motor and if you break down you will have no one to blame but yourself. Also the cost per mile shouldn't be to bad if you buy cheap shoes. Smile it relieves stress. LOL

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I just did the math...

I added up EVERYTHING I have spent on this truck in 30 months. It is a grand total of 45,000 dollars. Thats including its current value of 17k for trade in. At 77k miles thats $1500.00 month or .59 cents per mile to drive it.
Well, geez, I've gotten great service out of my truck - still running 19 mpg on the original injectors and here's my math:

Total Payout:$84,209.98Avg. $/Mile:$0.71Avg.$/Day:$53.40

So, you're paying less than me and I'm a happy camper.

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Problem child, I'm a professional engineer. In my career I have found it helpful to notice patterns (of all kinds) to see if any commonalities exist.
Here's an example: "My last 4 trucks have fallen apart. Toyota/bad, Ford/bad, Chevy/bad, GM/bad." The common variable present is YOU!!!
You (and your driving environment) obviously destroy your trucks. There are many factors that effect car/truck life. The number one way to destroy ANY vehicle is driving style. NOT maintenance. You can change your fluids and filter EVERY day, but if you:
1. constantly accelerate and brake hard (Lead foot)
2. drive hard before the engine and transmission have reached normal
operation temps.
3. Don't allow the engine to idle and cool down after sustained pulling of heavy loads.
4. Payload/towing overload
None of your vehicles are going to last you.
My 2002 2500 HD D/A 4x4 has 65,000 miles and I just replaced my 1st set of tires and 2 new batteries. Other than fluid and filter changes, I haven't spent any money on repairs/replacement parts.
My 1994 Ford Ranger 4.0L 4x4 154,000 mi when I sold it, I put one set of tires on it (for free, Firestone replacements) and one set of front brake pads. That's it. Original battery, clutch, EVERY thing else original. Never added 1 drop of oil, other than 5000 mile oil changes.
My wifes 1995 Ford Taurus SHO had 172,000 miles on it when we sold it, I replaced the starter (twice) and one set of front brake pads. That's it. I talked to the guy I sold it to about 3 months ago and he said the engine threw a rod....at 293,000 miles!
My 1st vehicle was a brand new 1985 Toyota 4x4 pickup, 22R engine, my parents bought for me. I drove it all through my college years and sold it when graduated and I got married. 158,000 miles and one starter, one clutch, two sets of tires, 1 battery later I sold it for $5000. My dad only paid $8500 for it BRAND NEW!!!
What's my point? Point is I know how to take care of a car and truck. I know how to drive a vehicle in such a way that they last a long time and are trouble free.
I 100% sure the problem has not been your trucks, I think the problem is YOU!

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I see in your post that you said:"Toyota/bad, Ford/bad, Chevy/bad, GM/bad"

First problem is you are on a very opinionated and PRO Duramax Forum, do not think you will be given any slack for any anti-max problems for that matter, but you do have a point, too many things to list with this diesel, there are lot's on here that help each other with these issues.

I did notice that you did not show Dodge in your list of bad vehicles owned....
I think a Cummins will be in your future.....
You have absolutly nothing to loose in changing.....
Except a better nights sleep.....

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Never met a truck I didn't like

Problem Child:

I have never owned a bad vehicle, just ones I did not like.

70 GMC 3/4T-100K miles, never went into shop, excellent truck.

80 Toyota PU- 180K miles, excellent truck, changed air in tires.

82 Chevy C2500 6.2L Diesel-155K miles, injector pump (warrenty) & vacum pump. Good truck

91 Chevy K1500: 247K miles, Excellent truck- new Tranny @187K but towed too much, my fault. Engine used 1 qt oil every 3K miles new, and after 247K miles, used 1 qt oil every 3K miles. Changed oil every 3K miles.

2000 Chevy K1500- 88K miles, sold with original tires but were getting below the safe limit.

Current vehicle: 2004 GMC D/A-59K miles, stock, runs like a champ, change oil every 3K-4K miles.

Disliked: 78 Chevette, but who wouldn't?

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His handle explains it all. He is the type of person to [email protected] at the dealer for EVERY problem on his vehicle. I hated people like that when I was writing service. IT IS MECHANICAL AND GOING TO BREAK!! DRIVE THE DAM THING AN SHUT UP!!!

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True enough, but some of the worry is founded. Low oil pressure can be a sign of fuel in oil and if the pressure drops too low this can lead to an insufficient amount of oil film between hard parts,
I think I am going to start giving away oil temp gauges.
That would be an education.

Who would NOT use synthetic if they saw 300+ degree oil temps? I'm just curious. Anybody?

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What can I say?

Anyone that wants to trade your "good never had a problem" running truck for mine just pm me.


No takers?

And if you think its all "my fault" or I "drive them hard" or I should stop "complaining" then I have one thing to say............................

Automotive Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles for 2003 GMC Truck K 2500 P/U 4WD V8-6.6L DSL Turbo VIN 1.

Safety Recalls
TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title
04007 SEP 04 Recall - Tailgate Support Cable Replacement
04004 JUN 04 Recall - Brake Hydroboost Relief Valve Seal Defect
03001 JAN 03 Recall - Windshield Adhesion Non-Compliance
General Recalls
TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title
03011 MAR 03 Campaign - Keyless Entry System Inoperative
02066 DEC 02 Campaign - BCM Reprogramming for Battery Drain
02035 AUG 02 Campaign - Diesel Engine Oil Contamination
Service Bulletins
TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title
01-04-18-001D MAY 05 AWD/FWD System - Driveline Operating Characteristics
05-00-90-005 MAY 05 A/T - Allison, Service Interval/Filter Change Correction
01-08-42-001C MAY 05 Exterior Lamps - Condensation Replacement Guidelines
02-06-01-027A MAY 05 Diesel Engine - Greater Than Expected Oil Consumption
05-06-02-002 MAY 05 Cooling System - Coolant Dye Update Information
05-08-61-005 APR 05 Body/Frame - Revised Crossmember/Body Bolt Service
04-08-50-016B APR 05 Seats - Memory Seat Won't Return to Position Requested
05-06-04-008A APR 05 Fuel System - SES Lamp ON/Gauge Reads Empty/DTC's Set
00-08-46-002A APR 05 OnStar(R) - Cellular Antenna Replacement Parts
05-03-08-006 APR 05 Suspension - Revised Stabilizer Link Service/Torque
01-05-26-001A APR 05 Brakes - Low Effort Parking Brake System Information
02-05-22-004C APR 05 Electrical - Trailer Brakes Apply With Headlamps ON
03-07-30-011C APR 05 A/T - Allison 1000, Delayed Engagement/MIL ON/DTC's
05-03-10-003 MAR 05 Aluminum Wheels - Low Tire Pressure Condition
05-08-110-003 MAR 05 Air Bag System - Passenger Air Bag Discolored
02-03-07-002A MAR 05 Steering/Suspension - Revised Caster/Camber Adjustment
04-05-25-002B MAR 05 Brakes - ABS Lamp ON/DTC's C0265/C0201/U104 Set
05-06-04-025 MAR 05 Engine Controls - Revised DTC U2104
05-06-03-002 MAR 05 Battery/Charging System - Electrical Diagnostics
03-05-24-001A MAR 05 Brakes - Wheel Cylinder Inspection Guidelines
02-08-46-006A MAR 05 OnStar(R) - Incorrect Position Reported
00-05-22-002E MAR 05 Brakes - Service Guidelines/Procedures
03-06-04-017A MAR 05 Diesel Fuel System - Fuel Additive Recommendations
05-04-21-002 MAR 05 Drivetrain - Transfer Case Control Module Replacement
02-06-01-023E MAR 05 Diesel Engine - Oil Leaks Between Oil Cooler and Engine
05-08-46-004 MAR 05 OnStar(R) - Phone Number Concerns
05-04-21-001 MAR 05 Transfer Case - RTV Silicone Sealant Usage Precaution
05-06-01-010 MAR 05 Engine - Sealant Usage Recommendations
05-06-02-001 FEB 05 Cooling System - Aluminum Radiator/Heater Core Info.
04-08-46-003A FEB 05 OnStar(R) - Unable to Connect (Alaska Vehicles)
05-08-44-005 FEB 05 Audio System - Rear Headphone Ear Pads Worn/Damaged
00-07-30-009A FEB 05 A/T - New/Reman A/T Identification
00-08-46-003B FEB 05 Instruments - GPS System Performance Degradation
03-09-41-003A FEB 05 Restraints - Air Bag System Diagnostics
01-08-66-014B FEB 05 Body - Pick Up Box Damaged by Aftermarket Accessories
01-08-66-005C FEB 05 Body - Pick Up Box Reinforcement Installation
05-02-118-002 FEB 05 Steering - 'Service Rear Wheel Steering' Message
02-06-04-037A FEB 05 Emissions - SES Lamp ON/DTC P0446 (EVAP) Stored
99-04-20-002C JAN 05 Drivetrain - Normal Clunk Shifting Between 'D' & 'R'
05-07-30-002 JAN 05 A/T - Allison Cooler Line Adapter Tool/Flushing
04-08-46-004A JAN 05 OnStar(R) - System Inoperative/Red Status Light
05-02-118-001 JAN 05 Steering - 'Service 4-Wheel Steer' Message
04-08-48-001A JAN 05 A/C - Rear Defogger Heating Grid Damage Detection
05-09-41-001 JAN 05 SRS - Lamp ON/DTC's B0026/B0044 Set
03-08-44-018B JAN 05 Audio/A/C - Rear Seat Systems Inoperative
02-03-10-001B JAN 05 Wheels/Tires - Spare Tire Different Size
05-00-90-001 JAN 05 Diesel Engine - IMPORTANT Correct Air Filter Usage
02-06-01-022D JAN 05 Diesel Engine - Random Ticking Noise
01-04-17-004B JAN 05 Driveline - Bump/Clunk/Squawking Noises
04-01-39-009B DEC 04 A/C - Blower Motor Inoperative/Won't Shut OFF
04-06-03-016 DEC 04 Battery - Specification Label Clarification
00-07-30-022C DEC 04 A/T - 4L60/65E No Reverse/2nd or 4th Gear
04-07-31-006A DEC 04 M/T - Noise/Vibration When Depressing Clutch Pedal
01-07-30-041A DEC 04 A/T - Fluid Leak Diagnostics
04-01-38-018 NOV 04 A/C - HVAC Module External Seal Kit Availability
04-03-10-001A NOV 04 Tires - Puncture Repair Procedures
04-08-46-003 NOV 04 OnStar(R) - Unable to Connect to OnStar (Alaska Only)
02-08-46-010E NOV 04 OnStar(R) - French Canadian Voice Recognition
99-08-51-007B NOV 04 Wheels - Aluminum Wheel Refinishing
03-06-02-005B NOV 04 Diesel Engine - Coolant Loss With No Visible Leaks
03-07-29-004A NOV 04 M/T - Operational Characteristics
04-06-04-007C NOV 04 Diesel Fuel System - Hard/No Start/DTC's Set/SES Lamp ON
04-04-21-003 NOV 04 Drivetrain - Transfer Case Clutch Shimming
04-05-25-005A SEP 04 Brakes - ABS Lamp/Service Brake System Message ON
01-01-38-006D SEP 04 A/C - R-134a System Flushing Procedures
03-01-38-019A SEP 04 A/C - Underhood Rattle Noise on Hard Acceleration
04-07-30-037 SEP 04 A/T - Dexron® III(R) (H-Revision) Specification Upgrade
02-07-30-052C SEP 04 A/T - Fluid Flushing Procedure/Tool
00-08-48-005A SEP 04 Body - Distortion in Outer Surface of Vehicle Glass
03-05-25-007A SEP 04 Brakes - Low Speed ABS Activation
03-04-19-001B SEP 04 Drivetrain - Synthetic Fluid Usage in Front Differential
01-07-31-002A SEP 04 M/T - Improved Hydraulic Clutch Bleeding Procedure
99-09-40-005B SEP 04 Restraint System - Seat Belt Extender Availability
01-07-30-036D SEP 04 Transmission Controls - DTC P0756 Diagnostic Tips
04-03-10-012 SEP 04 Wheels - Chrome Wheel Pitting/Brake Dust Accumulation
01-03-10-010D AUG 04 A/T - Tire/Wheel Size Inspection Prior to A/T Diagnosis
02-01-39-007A AUG 04 A/C - Dual Zone A/C Control Battery Draw Explanation
04-01-38-010 AUG 04 A/C - Low Pressure Switch Diagnosis
01-07-30-010A AUG 04 A/T - Torque Converter Replacement Guideline
03-07-30-031C AUG 04 A/T - Allison 1000, Slips/Won't Engage/Leaks
02-06-03-008A JUL 04 Charging System - Operational Characteristics
04-08-49-019A JUL 04 Fuel System - Engine No Start/Inaccurate Fuel Gauge
03-03-08-002A JUL 04 Suspension - Rattle/Squeak From Vehicle Front
02-01-38-007C JUL 04 A/C - Doesn't Blow Cold Enough
01-03-10-009A JUL 04 Wheels - Plastic Wheel Nut Covers Loose/Missing
00-00-89-027B JUL 04 Interior - Odor Elimination
02-06-03-010A JUL 04 Battery - Parasitic Drain
02-07-30-024A JUN 04 A/T - Cracked or Broken Case Diagnosis
04-05-23-005 JUN 04 Brakes/Wheels - Excessive Debris Build Up
03-03-10-002A JUN 04 Wheels/Tires - Hubcap Loose or Rattling
02-07-30-011C JUN 04 A/T - Slow/No Gear Engagement/Engine No Start
04-01-38-008 JUN 04 A/C - Defaults To Defrost Mode/Poor Control
04-07-30-028 JUN 04 A/T - Reverse Servo Cover Seal Leak
03-08-64-037B JUN 04 Body - Power Window Motor Noisy/Inoperative
04-08-48-003 JUN 04 Body - Windshield Area Wind Noise
00-06-01-026A JUN 04 Engine - New Long Block Installation Precaution
02-08-44-007A JUN 04 XM Radio/OnStar - Problems W/Cloth or Vinyl Roofs
00-03-10-002C JUN 04 Wheels - Chemical Stains on Chrome Wheels
01-07-30-030A MAY 04 A/T - 4L60-E/4L65-E Harsh 1-2 Upshift
04-06-04-036 MAY 04 Engine Controls - Reprogramming Warranty Info.
03-06-93-001A MAY 04 Diesel Engine - Turbocharger Failure
04-07-30-023 MAY 04 A/T - 4L60-E/4L65-E New Pump/Seal/Case/Service
03-08-64-010A MAY 04 Body - Mirrors Fold In at Highway Speeds
04-08-49-015 MAY 04 Instruments - Noise From Instrument Cluster
03-03-09-002A APR 04 Suspension - Rear Leaf Spring Slap or Clunk Noise
03-06-04-048A APR 04 Fuel System - Diagnostic Revision
00-00-89-008D APR 04 Vehicle - Recreational Dinghy Towing
04-07-30-018 APR 04 A/T - Difficult Shifting in Snowy/Icy Conditions
04-06-01-013 APR 04 Engine - Serpentine Drive Belt Wear Information
03-04-19-004A MAR 04 Drivetrain - Front Axle Moan or Growl
02-04-21-006D MAR 04 AWD/4WD System - Lamps/System Inoperative
02-09-41-002A MAR 04 SRS - Air Bag Lamp ON/DTC B0092 Set
04-08-50-007 MAR 04 Interior - Front Heated Seat(s) Inoperative
04-04-95-001 MAR 04 Drivetrain - Wheel Drive Shaft Nut Torque Revision
04-08-49-007 FEB 04 Instruments - Trip Odometer Apparently Inoperative
04-08-50-003 FEB 04 Interior - Seat Memory Feature Appears Inoperative
01-07-30-031A FEB 04 A/T - Cold Weather Operational Characteristics
04-08-64-003A FEB 04 Body - Front/Rear Door Power Windows Inoperative
00-06-02-006A FEB 04 Cooling System - Coolant Information
04-07-30-006 FEB 04 A/T - 4L65E, 4L60E, 4L60, 200-4R Oil Pump Spring
04-06-03-002 FEB 04 Ignition Switch - Intermittent No Crank/Dead Battery
04-06-03-001 FEB 04 Alternator - Incorrect Amperage Coding
01-07-30-038B JAN 04 A/T - 4L60-E/4L65-E MIL ON/DTC P0757/Slipping
02-07-30-004B JAN 04 A/T - Allison 1000 Grade Brake Feature
04-05-23-001 JAN 04 Brakes - Low Pedal/Warning Message/Lamp ON
04-07-31-001 JAN 04 M/T - Revised Pressure Plate Adjustment Procedure
01-07-30-042B JAN 04 A/T - 4L60-E/4L65-E, 2-3/3-2 Shift Clunk Explanation
02-06-05-004A JAN 04 Emissions - Catalytic Converter Damage/Misfire Codes Set
04-06-04-001 JAN 04 Engine Controls - Possible DTC's/Driveability Issues
04-01-37-001 JAN 04 A/C - Control Knob Replacement Availability
03063 DEC 03 Engine Controls - DTC P0128/No SES Lamp ON
03-06-04-065 DEC 03 Engine Controls - Poor Heater Performance/DTC P0128
03-07-30-037B DEC 03 A/T - Converter Housing Leaks/Abnormal Knocking Noises
03-04-21-001D DEC 03 Drivetrain - 4X4 Inoperative/Lamp Flashing/DTC's Set
02-08-48-001A DEC 03 Windows/Glass - Urethane Adhesive Usage
03-08-49-020 NOV 03 Instruments - Gauges Inoperative
02-07-30-030A NOV 03 A/T - 4L60-E 1-2 Shift Shudder/Slipping/Vibration
03-07-30-057 NOV 03 A/T - Allison 1000, Fluid Leak from Pump Area
03-07-30-007A NOV 03 A/T - 4L60-E, 4L65-E Delayed Gear Engagement
01-01-38-013A OCT 03 A/C - Unnecessary Compressor Replacement
03-07-30-054 OCT 03 A/T - Allison(R) Fluid Leaks From Vent
03-07-30-053 OCT 03 A/T - Allison(R) Valve Body Revisions
03-06-04-059 OCT 03 Diesel Engine - Internal Fuel Leak Diagnostic Revision
03-08-64-028 AUG 03 Body - Wide Load Rear View Mirror Service Procedure
03-06-03-008 AUG 03 Diesel Engine - Oil Level Sensor Damage Avoidance
03-08-64-029 AUG 03 Interior - Door Trim Panel Removal Precautions
01-07-30-002C AUG 03 Electrical - MIL ON/A/T Stuck in 3rd Gear
03-06-03-007 AUG 03 Starter Solenoid - Replacement Availability/Precautions
03-06-04-036 JUL 03 Diesel Fuel System - Injector Service Precautions
03-04-19-003 JUL 03 Drivetrain - Fluid Leak From Front of Vehicle
03-00-89-021 JUL 03 Instruments - DIC Perceived Fuel Economy Settings
03-02-36-002 JUL 03 Steering - Revised Service Procedures
03-08-62-001B JUL 03 Body - Front Bumper Rusting on Backside
03-06-05-007 JUL 03 Exhaust System - Rattle/Vibration
03-07-30-032 JUL 03 Interior - Buzz/Vibration Felt in Floor/Throttle Pedal
03-08-64-025 JUL 03 Body - Left Camper Mirror Won't Lock Into Detent
01-01-39-003A JUL 03 A/C - Catastrophic Compressor Failure Debris Removal
03-08-44-011 JUN 03 Audio System - Tweeter Rattles in Front Door(s)
03-08-64-022 JUN 03 Interior - Front Door Trim Panel Removal Precaution
03-01-39-008 JUN 03 A/C - System Changes/Synchronization
03-08-49-009 JUN 03 Instruments - Revised Oil Pressure Gauge Diagnostics
00-08-42-010A JUN 03 Lighting - DRL Bulb Replacement
03-07-30-027 JUN 03 A/T - Oil Cooler Flushing Frequently Asked Questions
03-08-64-018 JUN 03 Body - Outside Rearview Mirror Courtesy Lamp Falls Out
03-04-18-003 JUN 03 Drivetrain - Revised Inner Drive Axle Joint Service
02-06-01-010A JUN 03 Engine - Serpentine Belt Identification/Diagnosis
01-08-46-002C JUN 03 Navigation/GPS System - OnStar(R) Module Programming
03-04-21-005 JUN 03 Transfer Case Control Module - 4WD Lamp ON/DTC'S Set
03-01-39-007 MAY 03 A/C - Intermittently Inoperative/Blows Warm Air
03-08-49-006 MAY 03 Instruments - High beam Indicator Too Bright
99-08-52-005A MAY 03 Keyless Entry System - Operational Characteristics
03-05-25-003 APR 03 Brakes - ABS Telltale Lamp ON/DTC C0550 Stored
03-06-04-026 APR 03 Starting System - Ignition Relay Diagnosis Update
99-01-39-007B MAR 03 A/C - Automatic A/C Functional Description
03-01-38-001 MAR 03 A/C - System Sealers/Leak Detection Guidelines
02-08-44-020B MAR 03 Audio System - No Audio From Speakers At Times
03-06-04-021 MAR 03 Diesel Engine - Intake Heater/Glow Plug R & R Revision
03-04-17-005 MAR 03 Drivetrain - Front Axle Whine Noise
03-06-01-009 MAR 03 Engine Controls - Oil Level Switch Harness Modification
03-08-52-001C MAR 03 Keyless Entry System - Won't Operate
02-08-42-001A MAR 03 Lighting - Polycarbonate Headlamp Damage Prevention
03-06-01-008 FEB 03 Diesel Engine - Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Leaks When Cold
99-07-30-017A FEB 03 A/T - Oil Cooler Flushing/Flow Check Procedures
03-06-01-003 FEB 03 Engine/Transmission - Flexplate/Flywheel Replacement
99-08-64-016A JAN 03 Body - Weatherstrip Maintenance
03-06-04-012 JAN 03 Electrical - Wiring Harness Inspection Recommendations
03-06-04-010 JAN 03 Fuel System - Diesel Fuel Pressure Regulator Replacement
03-08-50-001 JAN 03 Interior - 2nd Row Seat Center Armrest Panel Warping
03-08-49-001 JAN 03 Interior - Floor Console Cupholder Rattles
03-08-50-003 JAN 03 Interior - Seat Heater/Power Memory Seat Inoperative
99-03-10-009A JAN 03 Wheels/Tires - Wheel Weight Usage
02-03-10-008 DEC 02 Wheels/Tires - Recommended Wheel Nut Torque
02-07-30-032A NOV 02 A/T - TCM Fast Learn Procedure Requirement
99-07-30-016B OCT 02 A/T - Intermittent Downshift/Slip/Cycling Diagnosis
02-08-44-018 OCT 02 Audio System - Diagnostics for No Sound From Speakers
02-08-44-017 OCT 02 Audio System - Steering Wheel Radio Source Selection
02-06-03-009A OCT 02 Battery - Charging/Information Tips
02-08-42-005 OCT 02 Lighting - Snowplow Roof Beacon Inoperative
02-04-21-007 SEP 02 Drivetrain - New Transfer Case Output Bearing Tool
02-08-49-007 SEP 02 Interior - Console Lid Hard to Open/Close
02-05-25-005 AUG 02 Electrical - False DTC C0201 Set/Stored in History
01-08-64-014A JUL 02 Interior - Lock Lever Comes Loose From Door Trim Panel
02-07-30-028 JUN 02 A/T - Serial Number/Site Code Locations/Identification
02-09-41-001 JUN 02 Computers & Controls - DTC's Set When Replacing Modules
02-06-01-026 JUN 02 Engine - Identification Information
99-00-89-019B FEB 02 Warranty - Parts Return Program Explained

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people like you who have access to SI is also a problem. You start seeing all of the TSB's out there and start to freak out. Is that happening to my truck? Better get it in to check and then be a pain in the A$$ to the dealer since you have a GRIPE list with TSB #'s. It is in your head. Like stated earlier, go to another dealer and have them check it out and do not mention synthetic oil. If they are blaming it on the oil then call exxon/mobil and tell them what is happening and that GM is blaming the oil for your problem. Exxon will start raising hell with GM because GM uses it on a TON of vehilces right from the FACOTRY!!! OIL IS NOT THE PROBLEM!
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