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Super Built Clutch Now Available!

The new South Bend Clutch DD Max Con CB with sprung hubs is now available!

South Bend Clutch is offering an introductory price through Dynadroit for a sixty day period the new DDC are on sale for $1250!!! THIS IS ONLY $150 MORE THAN THE SINGLE DISC CLUTCH KIT! There are quite a few kits that can be shipped as soon as next Friday. (The original DDC with non-sprung hubs retail price was $1795.)

Here is a pic of the new DD Max Con CB, double click on it:

The first Duramax kit is being installed in a truck that will be going for a new land speed record with a two speed transmission and has over 750-800 rwhp! The vehicle should exceed 200 miles an hour! Peter feels confident that this now kit will do the job!! Here is why:

The new clutch plates have 10 ceramic buttons on each side of each clutch plate compared to the six on the prior clutch plates (total of 40 ceramic buttons!) The buttons are also thicker as well as the center plate being ½” thick vs. the earlier design @ .390”. These thicker parts result in reduced heat which is a cause for warpage and wear.

The new ½” center plate is not strapped to the flywheel as it would have a negative impact on the alignment between the two clutch discs as the clutch begins to wear. It (the strap) could cause release issues down the road and we do not need that. The previous double disc clutches make a “whisking” noise when the clutch pedal is pushed in. This has been reduced almost to no noise due to the sprung hubs, which absorb the diesel spike and also remove the rattle (and impact) from the hubs, tyranny input shaft, and the gears inside the transmission at idle!!! The noise at idle has pretty much been eliminated because of the free floating design of the clutch discs, input shaft wear and transmission wear caused by the rigged hubs will also be eliminated.

The new double disc clutch is not only much quieter, holds more power, lasts longer, as a result of the addition in buttons, the clutch will offer a smoother engagement to make our trucks much more pleasant to drive and still have the ability to enjoy the added power levels.
The new kit uses the same pressure plate.

If you are a prior DD Max Con customer and you wish to switch to this new kit you will need to contact SBC directly. Call Peter Pyfer at 1-800-988-4345. You will need to send you current kit in for modification and your cost will be $750.

Good Luck and Good Speed,

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