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Summit Racing 4" diesel exhaust system

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Does anyone know anything about this or have it installed??
Just happen to come across their 4" exhaust system for the mighty DMAX. At $299 it sure ain't a bad price!!! Not to mention I got 20 summit bucks and some birthday money trying to burn a hole in my pocket!!! This could be a great option for those of us that don't need SS exhaust systems....

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I still like mine, I was gonna get some pics of it this weekend, but it snowed...I'll get some when it warms up.

4x4man said:

Too bad you can't make it to the dyno day this Saturday, would be happy to show it off. If anyone else wants to listen to it or a ride, come on down to the dyno day in Denver I will be happy to show it off.


I am a new member to this site and bought my toy 3 months ago. What is a dyno day and where/when is the next one in Denver? I would like to hook up to other local dieselmaniacs esp with 4x4s!!!


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Sorry for the late reply, didn't see this.
About my 4" Summit System. It held up great for the time I had it on the truck. Yeah, I goofed, it was just too darn loud for me.. at around 2,000rpms and up it was just too loud for me, not to mention acceleration, and I feared what it would sound like under load pulling our 10,000lb 5er. It was definitly much louder than stock, but kept trying to tell myself it wasn't that bad and I would get used to it. My ears would clog up on half hour trips as well. I had thoughts about dynomating the inside of the truck, but would cost more than a couple of mufflers. I decided that I would put the stock system back on, as I didn't cut it, and do some research on mufflers and maybe be able to put it back on in the Spring if I could find a quiet one. If not oh well, lesson learned, at least I was only out $300. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but I guess some like the noise, some don't. It sure did sound good on WOT runs, but wasn't practical for the long highway commute to work...

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Welcome to the site!! The dyno day was an event in Denver where they put the trucks on a dyno to measure hp and torque at the wheels. It was a Ford and Dodge event, but they let us come out and play anyway. Not sure when the next one is though....I'd have to check out the powerstroke club site.


Get the 18" tip and adjust it to end past the body of the truck. Mine was killing me the first day too. I looked at some pics of an ATS system I took. I noticed the tips stuck out, so I moved mine out and it made a huge difference. Give it shot. You could stick one of those extra pieces on there to try it out before buying a tip...


Thanks for the feedback. I'm in my truck for a 1000+ mile road trip every month. Consequently, I don't want an exhaust that is too loud. The stock exhaust 'note' is nearly non-existent to my ears at 70-75 MPH. I'd like some noise, but don't want it too obtrusive.
Are you selling the system 4X4? I would like to try it on my truck. Wanna swap for the dynomax?


Thanks for the info, I should have tried that when you mentioned it to me before... I'll give it a try in the Spring when I put it back on.


I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet on this system. But I'll let you know what I do with it in the Spring. I have to have a pipe "repaired" as I couldn't break the joint loose and had to cut it. At least I marked it so I know how the cut piece needs to be welded back on to the pipe.

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