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Summit Racing 4" diesel exhaust system

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Does anyone know anything about this or have it installed??
Just happen to come across their 4" exhaust system for the mighty DMAX. At $299 it sure ain't a bad price!!! Not to mention I got 20 summit bucks and some birthday money trying to burn a hole in my pocket!!! This could be a great option for those of us that don't need SS exhaust systems....

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Beware budget exhaust systems. Sometimes (OK alot of times) their fit isn't as good as the higher end systems. I purchased an aluminum system from an online outfit and the intermediate pipe had to be cut depending on the wheel base of your vehicle. Others I have talked to say some systems do not line up w/ the factory hangers and brackets. Summit is a reputable company, but they aint the ones bending and cutting the pipe. Edited by: FILO
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