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Hello All,

Yesterday we had a major league micro burst/derecho/tornado around here. Winds pulling trees out by the roots, horizontal rain (ALOT) and so forth. Lasted about 30 minutes.

When it was over I got in my 83 C20 (c code) and it started right up as normal (manual glow plugs) and drove over to a buddy's house to help out (they got hit worse than me). As I was pulling out of my driveway some water that accumulated on my tonneau cover spilled forward between the cab and the bed.

I drove about 5 miles without issue and parked. After being there about an hour I tried to start up but it wouldn't catch. It wasn't like it was ALMOST catching, it was just cranking over and not starting. So as to not wear down the batteries I just let it sit for another half hour.

When I tried to start it again there was no power to anything whatsoever. Completely dead.

Both batteries are showing 12.55 volts on the tester.

Both batteries are brand new last August.

New gear reduction starter last November.

Where do I start chasing down this problem?

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