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stripped battery terminal and bad fuel filter

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My 07 has not started in the morning about 5 times on me since October. I took it to the dealer and they found a stripped ground bolt on the battery. So all this time its been starting and running on only one battery, I bring it up because somewhere around here is a post on the same subject.

I left the dealers, got half way home and lost power, almost didn't make it back. Threw a code, ended up being a plugged fuel filter (now I have a extra one in the tool box).

I've been running 20% BioDiesel every other tank of so and it was 0 in michigan yesterday. I wonder if that was part of the problem? I had 7500 miles on the truck.
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Bad Diesel

I just changed my second plugged fuel filter in 30 days. Talked to a guy in fuel business, said that the changeover to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel caused some issues with fuel. He claimed that fuel supply companies had to flush their plumbing, and equipment to become clean enough to meet the new specs for this ULSD.

Result was a bunch of crap (lack of better term) was flushed from their equipment into fuel that was delivered. He said that some guys removed their primary filters because they kept plugging. Hopefully this fuel will be consumed and gone soon because we have a lot of winter left and I only have diesel trucks!
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