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The delivery solenoid is in the bottom of the pump. I made no attempt to touch that. I just replaced the whole pump. I got a pump from pensacola diesel because it was cheap. It did fix the problem but I am not real excited about the "rebuild" they did. I am not saying its a bad pump, but.... Not really rebuilt either. It was the cheapest one on ebay for a reason. I made a video of what I noticed if you want to look.

Again, not saying its a bad pump, but I dont expect a long trouble free life from it either.

The crank sensor falls apart when you touch it. Not fun. After the fact I see it is a common issue and there is lots of info online.
I would look again at your PMD if it is still being mounted on the top of the motor it is possible to be the cause of the failure. Buy a new one from a reputable vendor with a remote mounting cable. The see where you are at.
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