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I'm looking to put a 4" stainless on my truck, and I can get the exhaust done locally fairly cheap (ie absurd) - yes I've seen their work and it's good; so I need to determine what muffler to use - my goal is quiet w/ no drone!

I like the sound of the Banks, but the cost of their muffler alone is ~$260 shipped. Not horrible, but kinda spendy for just the muffler (?). I wrote Kennedy to see if he would sell just the muffler, as I've heard good things about his exhaust, and he was "not interested" in helping me out.

So, I've heard mixed reviews on the Magnaflow mufflers/exhausts. They offer various lengths - does longer necessarily mean quieter?

What about Donaldson? Do they offer a SS muffler?

What other options exist?

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