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Since installing (and uninstalling) the Duramaximizer I've had a bad connection on the speedometer. It quit working completely when I was fiddling with the plugs under the dash, I realized I had knocked the red wire off. I could see where I thought it came off of, so I pushed it back into a pin (with the connector in a vertical position). The speedometer worked fine again until yesterday, the speedometer/odometer quit working again. It would flick on/off, pushing the clutch pedal seemed to bump the wires just enough to make it work. I wiggled the red wire and pushed it on the connector although it seemed like it was already secure on there. The speedometer's been fine since then.

The connector has two slots for two pins but didn't seem like it would fit horizontally to be on two pins.. From what I could tell by looking, the pins were too far apart for it. Is it actually supposed to fit horizontally?

Also when wiggling the wires under there, the door chime would come on once in a while when I wiggled a wire the right way.

Sorry for sounding so vague but I don't know what the panel is called under there, it's the one with the black plastic cover that comes off with three clips. FWIW I have the red wire connected in the middle upwards slot, on the bottom right pin.
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