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Sound like a cold fuel problem?

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Needed to run out yesterday when it was 21 degrees F out, snow on the ground. Went out to truck fired her up, easily as always, let her idle for a minute to settle down then hit the high idle switch. Upon high idle the engine would make a stumble every 6 seconds or so, kinda like a quick cut off that lasted less than half a second. Since I was standing outside, while snowing, in bare feet and shorts, I left it and went inside. Came out 5 minutes later and she was purrin pretty at 1070RPM (high idle). Figured it might just be a cold fuel thing.

I currently use just over 6oz of Power Service and 2oz of 2-cycle oil. Already decided to go 8/8 starting on the next fillup.

Any ideas?
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Fast idle is for PTO and HO alternator and hydraulic winch and other engine-driven loads at normal operating temperature - not for fast warmup at cold-start.

Erratic operation may be expected at ECT's below ~115 deg, where PCM starts throttling back from normal cold-advance\fast-idle
Sure it does, but that's not the function of switched High-idle option - you should expect some erratic operation as PCM tries to compensate for cold-start with normal parameters for cold-advance and fast-idle
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