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Somebody stole my baby

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Stolen from the Denver Airport last night

2007 classic CCSB

CO DV Plates BFR A47

Probably on it's way down I-25 to Mexico.

Kill on sight. I mean... Please notify the authorities is spotted.


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The responding officer told me that the politicians are trying to make car theft and burglary something like a misdemeanor offense where you only get a ticket instead of going to jail. It costs money to put people in jail...
That sucks.. I Hope it turns up safe and sound (y)
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That's what the guy hanging out with me till the cops got their said. There was a particular model of 4runner that they would cut them off.

What reaaaaly sucks is that this is the first time in the 15 years I had her that the market is so ridiculous. Like I could even find another LBZ with only 100k on it to start with. FML.
If the truck was parked in the long term parking section of the airport the thief had to pay to get the vehicle out of the lot. Did they get a face on camera?
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Most of these people doing the crime have a prison education learning tricks from others while inside.
I've seen them use the elastic from a pair of boxer shorts and some tooth powder to cut through steel bars.

If they want it they're gonna get it no matter what.
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So they decided today that they were going to total my truck because the drug test for meth came back as the strongest positive the testing company has ever seen. I can either take 28,000 outright, or about 24 and get it back as a salvage vehicle. At that point I could either rehab it myself or sell it to somebody else who wants to. Curious as to your thoughts. I've driven a truck since I was 16 and I really don't see that stopping.

Other planning factors are that I finally got hired by United Airlines so I have to commute an hour each way four or five times a week. I will be pretty busy and not have a lot of time to devote. I have a commuter car that arrives on Monday, so the truck can sit. It would cost about $5,000 to have the interior properly mitigated, but I could probably take it all apart and get junkyard parts for less. I've taken it all apart on multiple occasions.

Thanks in advance,

If that was me I would take the 28 outright and go apply it towards a new ride
I wouldn't fool with those meth chemicals
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You could try car-part.com for yards near you that may have something workable.
Wouldn't you know that the place that has an exact clone of my interior is in Oklahoma...
G & R Auto parts in Oklahoma City is a GM only wrecking yard. They have a big facility and get a lot of transport damaged units.
You can check with them also about a headliner for your lbz (y)
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