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Some one with lift kit knowledge based on experience, please help

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i have owned 4 trucks in 7 years and lifted everyone of them just to sell them becuase i lifted it. so i decided to get smart and i bought a 06 chevy diesel truck 2500 with the thought of never lifting again and having a motor to last forever. well i can't handle being so little so i have so questions. i want to be able to tow a 5th wheel 28-30 ft. toy hualer and not rub with tires of 37". is it possible? if so what lift and size and why? also what is your experience with it. i don't want to lift if it will wreak this truck i plan on keeping this truck for 10 years and want no steering problems. thsnks in advance -james
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i can tell you right now that if you plan on putting some miles on this truck,maybe 10k+ a year, with 37's and dont want to have ANY steering problems in those 10 years with 37's....theres a high probability thats just not going to happen.

i dont have a fifth wheel either but hardcoremxer said it best, Cognito 7-9 comes with idler and pitman arm supports and get Cognitos tie rod kit.
fastcrazyhurt,i think you are misinterpreting (sp) what i say.

BDS does not compare to Cognito or CST. in my opinion. and im sure the majority will agree with that statement

i have ZERO problems with my lift.

20k miles a year x 10 is 200,000 miles. with 37" tires and have no problems at all isnt going to happen. even with braces your idler and pitman are eventually going to wear out.and it seems about 90-100k miles are about all the hubs can stand also.but these things are the price you pay to run big tires.is it going to break every day? no, if it does you'll be the first ive run across with that problem.

i think the Cognito is better than the CST for my application because it leaves the steering in the stock location and widens the leverage on the bigger tires with new spindles.plus is tough.and it has held an anlignment prefect and i have have just a tick over 20k miles on it so far with 150+ lbs of wheel and tire hanging off of it

a reliable lifted truck is entirely possible but to ask to go 200,000 miles with no problems on 37" tires is unreasonable on any truck lifted or not.

the size lift as far as reliablity has very little to do with lift size in my opinion.its which lift you choose and tire size. A cognito 7" lift with 35's or 37's is going to be very reliable. ive had zero problems at 12" with 38/15.50's. thats a much bigger lift and tire than you want.
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you sort of answered your own question. a 5th wheel is better for towing, but not with a lift. and the reason i say not with a lift is if you are used to, and like big lifts then a 6" on 35's is not going to do it for ya.it will be a waste of money and it sounds like you wont be happy with it. and anything bigger than that is not good for 5th wheel towing. ive had 11,700lbs of construction materials behind my truck on a 22" flatbed and it handles the weight better than a stock truck,in my opinion. im by no means a towing guru or expert but i tow often between the car and working during the week and love the way it tows.
he said he got smart and bought a chevy :rockit: he must have had fords or dodges :badidea:
cognito has a lifetime warranty also. and awesome customer service and its a better lift. the BDS lift is almost a permanant lift. lots of cutting. i have seen one installed about a year ago before i did my lift. it was shocking to say the least.im sure its a fine lift. and i dont want to offend anyone that has one. but after seeing one installed i would'nt consider it. just all my opinion of course. and im partially biased
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