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Some one with lift kit knowledge based on experience, please help

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i have owned 4 trucks in 7 years and lifted everyone of them just to sell them becuase i lifted it. so i decided to get smart and i bought a 06 chevy diesel truck 2500 with the thought of never lifting again and having a motor to last forever. well i can't handle being so little so i have so questions. i want to be able to tow a 5th wheel 28-30 ft. toy hualer and not rub with tires of 37". is it possible? if so what lift and size and why? also what is your experience with it. i don't want to lift if it will wreak this truck i plan on keeping this truck for 10 years and want no steering problems. thsnks in advance -james
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COGNITO is best. I have no first hand experience, but that seems to be the most popular answer and I want to be popular!

Just kidding but this site is out of contol!
he has 200k on an '05?
tjy355;1551753; said:
Seems the straight axle lifts would pose less problems that the IFS...

News flash- straight axle guys break parts too. Those parts have different names. It's all the same!
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