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Some one with lift kit knowledge based on experience, please help

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i have owned 4 trucks in 7 years and lifted everyone of them just to sell them becuase i lifted it. so i decided to get smart and i bought a 06 chevy diesel truck 2500 with the thought of never lifting again and having a motor to last forever. well i can't handle being so little so i have so questions. i want to be able to tow a 5th wheel 28-30 ft. toy hualer and not rub with tires of 37". is it possible? if so what lift and size and why? also what is your experience with it. i don't want to lift if it will wreak this truck i plan on keeping this truck for 10 years and want no steering problems. thsnks in advance -james
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don't forget about tires. going that big, you still need to find a tire that has a high load rating (not sure what size wheel you want) so you can tow the weight. that last thing you want is an incorrect load range tire due to running something larger and having problems with them.

wasn't sure if you thought about that, so hopefully it helps
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