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Some one with lift kit knowledge based on experience, please help

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i have owned 4 trucks in 7 years and lifted everyone of them just to sell them becuase i lifted it. so i decided to get smart and i bought a 06 chevy diesel truck 2500 with the thought of never lifting again and having a motor to last forever. well i can't handle being so little so i have so questions. i want to be able to tow a 5th wheel 28-30 ft. toy hualer and not rub with tires of 37". is it possible? if so what lift and size and why? also what is your experience with it. i don't want to lift if it will wreak this truck i plan on keeping this truck for 10 years and want no steering problems. thsnks in advance -james
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b-rad why do you think that it's not going to happen? i put on about 20,000 miles a year. is the cognito better than the cst and why also how good is the bds compared to these 2 what are the difference and what makes one better than the other? if it is impossible to have a reliable truck that is lifted i don't want it. how big can i go and still be reliable? 7-9" or 10-12" or even 15". the last truck i had was a dodge and it had a 15" lift and every month i was replacing something and it sat in the shop more than it drove and when i did drive it, it was crazy it would just shift lanes and the pitman arm broke 5 times while driving it.
b-rad do you have problems with your lift? also what if i did 35 or 36" tires with the lift? how much clearance do you have with the 37" on that lift?
rad, thanks for the great answers. i guess i'm just worried because of previous lift problems. if it was a minor repair every 50,000 miles i could live with that. i guess i will go with the cognito but how do i know what size i can go with towing a 5th wheel possibly? i am selling my pontiac gta and boat to buy the toy hualer and lift so i doesn't have to be a 5th wheel i just thought that was a better route for towing. i would like a 28-34 ft. trailer how does a regular trailer differ when going that big. i have a buddy with a 4in. on 35's and it still looks to small for me, even a 6in. looks small but i'm used to straight axle 10-18" lifts on my trucks. what cognito lift should i go with for towing purposes and reliability since that's my main concern now?
i actuallly have a set of 22in ultra's on 305/40 toyo open country's that have about 300 miles on them i run the stockers during winter. but i'm selling the 22's so i can get some 20's and maybe 35-37in. toyo m/t's when i lift depending on what the clearence issues will be when towing.
i'm getting mixed feelings, should i buy a 10" and have 37in. tires and buy a pull behind trailer or get the 7in cognito and put on 35" with a fith wheel or pull behind. i just want what is most reliable? what is a better kit the 7-9 or 10-12in.? also on truck was a f-150 had lots of problems blames it on IFS, so i bought a 03 dodge 2500 hemi straight axle and had even more problems with two different lifts on was a whiplash suspension kit that broke constantly in the first 2 year i probably drove the truck 4 months so i then bought the most expensive full throttle kit 15in. after having the torsion bars and pitman break a dozen times and the horrible ride i sold that truck to buy the chevy with ifs. but i don't want these problems as now my truck is my only transportation and daily driver.
so where can i buy a cognito lift at for the best price? i think i will go with th 10-12in. kit and put on 37" tires with 22 in wheels and buy a pull trailer.
well i changed my mind and decided to go 7-9 in kit with 35's on 20's i think for me that would be the best setup. thanks for all the help it really helped educate me to make a decision. thanks again james
well i went to the seattle rv show today and ended up buying a 2003 37ft sandpiper loaded with generator for $20k. i couldn't pass up the deal since it's like $20k below other prices i've seen. so this changes my lift options probably. can i still do the 7-9 cognito on 35's with this 5th wheel?
i am wondering what are the differences between the bds 6in. kit and the cognito 7in.? the reason is because the bds has a lifetime no questions asked no fine print warranty that they will replace any part with. if i could get the bds and add the cognito pitman idler arm and rear springs it might be a better kit what do you guys think?
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