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Solo Barics

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Anyone running Kicker L7 - 8s in a subthump box? I am ordering today and need to decide what subs to get. Either the L7s or JL 10W3V3s

Any other suggestions?

Anyone running the Elemental Designs subs that subthump sells?

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dozerboy;1543069; said:
IMO Elemental Designs subs are ok the L7 would be the loudest and the JLs would have the best SQ.
Now to decide beween the two :mad:
I listen to everything... Rap, rock, country, you name it.

I just have a hard time beliving the 8 L7s will make more SP than the 10 JL. I have had a round solo baric 12 in one of my trucks for many years and it still works great. My main selling point on the solos, outperforms my brothers 2 JL 10W0s.

The way it looks I am gonna order the L7 8s.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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