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Snug Top shell owners, I have a question

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for you snug top shell owners, can you tell me how far over the rail the shell comes down (on the outside)? Does it have 1/2", 1/4", or some other lip measurement?

the reason I ask is because I want to know how far over the rail I should have my line-x liner sprayed. I want to keep it hidden by the shell.

thanks in advance for the help:)
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The shell does not come down over the side at all. The rubber seal of the Snugtop sits on top of the bed rail and the shell itself does not extend further down. The shell is kind of level with the top of the bed rail. You would either spray inside the bed up until the horizontal bit of the bed rail starts (i.e. the rubber seal of the Snugtop will sit on the paint, which is fine) or you spray the top of you bed rail as well but NOT past the point where it bends down because you will see that. Hope this is of help.
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Attached pictures (I hope). Mine is their Expo model (2004). I would be surprised if they had changed their shells but you can send Snugtop an e-mail to confirm.
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