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Smoke - am I paranoid?

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I am not sure if I have a real issue to take to my dealer, but if I do, I am wondering what should be checked...OK, I don't have a lot of faith in the service department after my last visit. If they take a look at it, I want to be sure that they are at least checking the correct things.

I have a 2003 D/A, CC, 4x4, 5200 miles. No perf mods, still stock. I live in Colorado Springs, at about 6000 feet. I am noticing more black smoke during moderate acceleration than I ever have before. Other than the smoke, it starts fine, idles smoothly, and seems to be in good health. I just seems like I have a lot more smoke than I did at say, 1000 miles.

I asked this question on "the other" board a short while ago, and one of the responses that I got was that maybe it was soot, not smoke. How do you tell the difference? (sorry if these are basic questions...this is my first diesel)

Does this seen normal? Does this sound like something that needs further investigation? The amount of smoke is not huge (I can see it in my rear view mirror, but it is not a huge cloud or anything.) The best way to describe the amount is like probably about 20% of the smoke that you would see from the average powerstroke on the road.

Thanks, John
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It sounds like you could have a problem, But with out knowing everything about the truck and seeing the smoke it will be hard to know for sure.

A dirty air filter can cause more black smoke, but at only 5200 miles, I wouldn't think that to be the problem. If the smoke is black or very dark, it is not a fuel leak. so the injectors should be ok. It sounds like a timing problem is possible.
I would say it's completely normal .... Diesel will smoke under certain conditions .... At high altitudes the air density and pressure is lower .... A diesel is not like a gasser in regard to fuel delivery .... Less density air with same volume of fuel will produce more smoke and lessen performance then at sea level or near there ....

Drive on ....


Crap sorry Eric I didn't realize what forum I was in .... Sorry for stepping on your territory,I kicked myself in the arse for you ....
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Mac, no biggy, I was thinking along your lines anyways, some smoke is normal, I notice it when driving at night and in the headlights of the car behind be, I can see it in the mirror.. Hey , its a diesel. Unless you are getting heavy smoke, I wouldnt worry about it unless you are getting other problems as well. If you do feel that its abnormal, I would take it in to at least have it on file that you were concerned about it.
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