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Although it is not critical, I would make certain for sure that you are getting what you are expecting. I was looking at a used unit that only had 1,000 miles on it. It was bought from a fleet that was never used (found that info on carfax.com). Since it came from Atlanta, I knew that it could not have been driven much by the Fleet.

A few points to ponder..
- If it is used and you decide to finance it through GM, you won't get 0% or any incentives.

- For the used truck, I believe the warranty extends beyond 36k miles. See the GM warranty details for certified used cars.

- Some finance companies have different rates for new and used vehicles. Although some consider any miles below 12,000 to be new.

Like I said above, I was looking at a used unit. But, with the 0% and some working on the dealer, I was able to get a new unit with more options for the same monthly payment!

Just beware.

If in doubt, go to CarFax.com, subscribe for a few $, put in the VIN number and get a complete history. If it is used, it should show up there as having a title issued. I think you can check for an existing record before subscribing. That's what I did.
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