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Service Manual for 1999 GMC Savana 3500 6.5l diesel

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Hi all I'm looking for the proper service manual for my 1999 GMC Savana 3500 6.5l diesel cutaway dually box truck. Just got it and struggled to even find the pmd that still had to be replaced and relocated. I also plan to do other things, and need to clean a lot of stuff up. My problem is that I've found the 1999 GMC van service manual, but it's description doesn't mention diesel and I don't want to pay for it just to not have the right one. The 1999 GMC trucks service manual is posted on a forum here for free, and it does have a lot of info about diesels, but I own a van technically not a truck, right? I want to have info about the engine, wiring, suspension, and all that. So is there a manual specific to my van. I guess both will have similar info, but rn I have an unidentified wire harness hanging from under the steering wheel and want to be 100% sure about what those are for lol.

Can anyone tell me which manual is for my actual vehicle? Do I have to refer to both? One about the engine the other about the body?

Also if you have a link to the manual I need can you leave it? Preferably free....gm decide to charge people millions for their own cheapness on these engines so i don't even care if it's frowned upon haha
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The 4 volume FSM set does include diesel.
I own a 99 GMC Savana cutaway. I found the 4 volume service manual on line. I can share with you the Ebay store if you want. The location of many of the diesel parts differs a lot from the truck models.
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