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Looks like schaeffer is now using soy bean oil for better performance.

SoyShield Premium Diesel a new product from Schaeffer's

#139 SoyShield Cetane improver. Contains fuel economy package. Cummins L-10 Superior Performance. Upgrades #2 to Premium. Improves lubricity with soy oil. 1 gal. to 500 gal.

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SoyShield Premium Diesel is availablepre-blended from selected local fuel jobbers**. It boosts diesel engine performance while providing a new market for soybeans . Thanks to superior lubricating value of soy, it
improves lubricity, boosts fuel efficiency and extends engine life. At just under 3 cents* per gallon more than #2 diesel, SoyShield Premium Diesel is the environmentally friendly way to boost diesel engine performance, support clean air and encourage the growth of agri-fuels from USA farms.

SoyShield Premium Diesel Upgrade Additive was developed with the support of the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) and the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotional Council (your check off dollars at work).

Our roots are with the American farmer. For over 160 years, Schaeffer Manufacturing Company has worked with farmers to develop lubricating solutions for all types of equipment. Now, we are working together to provide the fuel of the future.
*Prices may vary according to local markets.
**SoyShield Premium Diesel Upgrade Additive is pre-blended by local fuel jobbers to provide a low blend soy-based premium diesel.
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<LI>Mileage Improvement (5-7%)
<LI>Horsepower Improvement (Up to 5%)
<LI>Cetane Improvement (Up to 3-4 points)
<LI>Fuel Lubricity Improvement (Up to 30%)
<LI>Cleans Injectors (exceeds Cummins L10)
<LI>Corrosion Inhibitor (exceeds Cummins N14)
<LI>Moisture Control
<LI>Lowers Cold Filter Plugging Point** </LI>[/list]

**Results of research conducted by the NBB.
***Seasonally blended for cold weather performance</TD></TR></T></TABLE></TD></TR></T></TABLE>
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