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First off, great bunch of people on a great site.
I'm getting ready to buy a new 2500HD crew cab, and have decided to try out the Duramax. I currently drive a GMC 2003 CC with 8.1 & Allison. My last truck was a 2001 Chevy 2500 CC with the 6.0 gasser.

I'm really torn between waiting for the new 07's, or snatching up one of the "Classic" series, which seem to be around in abundance in my area. After 6 years in an identical interior, I'm leaning toward waiting for the new & improved (translation more $$$$) model.

I can't seem to get any firm answers from either the Chevy or GMC dealers regarding when these trucks will actaully begin arriving on the lots. I'm going to test drive a Classic this afternoon.

Looking forward to getting an education from the members here.

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