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Anybody else try one of these kits on their trucks?

I just finished the install, it took a little less than two hours. I can't believe the difference in the way the truck handles. I can hustle that 7,300 pound truck around the curves and it feels anchored to the road.

I have several curvy roads around the house that the truck used to feel loose on and now no problem! I have not hooked a load up to the truck yet but I bet it will make a big difference with a trailer.

The truck seems to be hooking pretty good too, but the real test will be with the slicks. I can blow through the street tires at will anyway but I know I am getting less axle wrap. I bet these would be great on lifted trucks.


The MK II (XXF) is what fits our trucks. I was looking for some traction bars and found these instead. These seemed like they could help with traction and had added benefit.
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