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Rim Clamp Tire Changers

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Has anybody used or does anybody own an Atlas TC489X tire changer? I have been looking for a used Coats 5065EX but most that I have found are well wore out and they still want $1500 or more for them. I can get a new Atlas for $1350. The Atlas like most low priced tire changers are made in China. I don't change that many tires in a year but I do change some that are 42" in diameter and are on 15" wide rims.
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I have a Ranger X950. Here's the link from the guys I bought it from:


If I recall, the "sale" price was another $50 off this listed price of $1843. (Actually, it was about $100 cheaper a year ago when I got mine.) Check out the specs on that page. It will handle a 50" diameter, but not sure how wide. Biggest I have done is my 36 12.5 16.5 Wrangler RT II on 16.5x10 rims.

I also have the DST 1000 Balancer. The pair was $3100 with free shipping.
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