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Rifle break-in

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What is the correct way to break in a new rifle? I have never owned a new rifle and this is new to me. Should I just reload some crap loads and go shoot 20 or so? This is for my 300 Ultra mag so 20 rounds might be it for the day.

Thanks in advance. :D

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Have to agree with HBurns although it may not take that many rounds depending on the roughness of the bore. The object is to have a perfectly clean bore for each shot. This allows the bullet to burnish off small imperfections/rough spots. If you don't get all the copper out it will fill in the imperfections and the bullet will ride on top. If you want to speed up the process get some JB bore cleaner and run that about 30 passes between shots. Cleans things up pretty fast and polishes justa tiny bit on its own.
Final finish seems to polish just the throat more than anything. You can use lapping compound if you want. Try Rifle magazine they had an article by John Barsness a while back about lapping bores. Very informative.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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