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Rifle break-in

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What is the correct way to break in a new rifle? I have never owned a new rifle and this is new to me. Should I just reload some crap loads and go shoot 20 or so? This is for my 300 Ultra mag so 20 rounds might be it for the day.

Thanks in advance. :D

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SaguaroKid;1535127; said:
Ever here of this, I used it on my 45-70. Course I shoot cast but it cleans up well.

This will be going down the next barrel I have to do.
blnagel;1536419; said:
I have all the cleaning supplies mentioned. I will do just as described since that makes most sense to me. I didnt think going out and blazing away was the best and I was correct. Thanks for your help guys.

I already reloaded @ 40 various rounds and now I will load some dumpers and clean each one. One load took 103 grains of Hogden Retumbo! :)
Actually, Bushmaster Firearms reccomends "blazing away" for something like 1,000 rounds with no cleaning on a chrome-lined barrel but that doesn't really fit your application.

103 GRAINS!!:eek:

Retumbo indeed. And I thought putting 85 in my 300 Weatherby was a lot.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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