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I bought an el cheepo satellite radio about a year ago - its OK. It re-transmits on a frequency of my choosing, which I pick up on the truck's radio. Simple enough - so far.

The whole REASON for buying it was that FM radio is essentially local, so I lose stations fairly quickly when driving any sort of distance. The PAIN is that I also pick up stations on frequencies that were unused a hundred miles back, so I have to find a new local frequency that is unused and tune the radio and sat receiver/transmitter to that and start over.

SO..... I wanna integrated satellite radio that fits the dash of an '03 truck.
By INTEGRATED I mean that I want it to also work with the steering wheel remote controls - and it would be REAL NICE if it could also play DVD music files that I compile in MPEG-3 and M4a format (via I-tunes). Multi disk would also be nice, but multi format is more important to me.

Any ideas - other than buying a new truck "with all that" ?
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