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I just finished installing a set of injectors in my 2002 2500HD with 243,500 miles, my second time doing this job. The first time was at 160,000 due to diesel contaminated oil. This time I had the typical white smoke and injector balance rates out of the recommended range.

I'm on the short side and my truck is 4x4. I did lots of reaching last time and had the sore ribs and abs to prove it. This time I removed the wheels completely and lowered the truck by placing it on jack stands down low. I also needed to stand on a small platform. The lower height made the work much easier.

The other big difference this time was the removal of the inner fender liners. This is well worth the time required to remove and re-install. Actually, the easier access probably saves time overall. Don't try to save the fender fasteners, just pick up a new set. In addition, it isn't necessary to replace some of the wiring that is attached to the engine side of the fender liners. Just be sure that wiring is secured in some manner if there is a possibility for damage or disconnection.

Take the time to remove the coolant reservoir and air cleaner support platform. This will really open up the right side. On the left it is worth it to remove the heat shield that is attached to the firewall next to valve cover. This makes it much easier to get to those fasteners on the rear of the valve cover
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