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I'm looking to refill my fox 2.0 non reservoir shocks with nitrogen, and than possibly rebuild them if need be. I have a few questions on the refill process that I am hoping someone can answer for me without me going to pull one of the shocks out, figuring what I need to order parts, than reinstalling to later do it all over again.

I believe what I have are the smooth body IFP non reservoirs (Came with my 16 3/4ton's 4.5" BDS lift). Which in turn I need to use the needle to fill, which I have never filled a shock before with a needle only through schader valves, so thats what I need a little help with.

Here is a list of my questions:
1. Does anyone know what length of needle I need to fill with? As from my understanding the fill port is within the eyelet and the needle goes through parallel to the shock body once the bushing is removed from the eyelet. I'm guessing at least 2"
2. I plan on buying a fill needle kit online, but most are short needles. Can I just buy a long hypodermic needle and replace the kit's needle?
3. I've found a few articles on filling non fox branded shocks, and it looks like there is an allen screw covering a small chunk of rubber that you stab the needle through?
4. I've yet to find any info on where to refill the front shocks that are a stud upper mount instead of an eyelet.
5. Fill procedure is basically set regulator to designated pressure, stab needle through the rubber. Open flow of valve and than pull needle out of rubber once said pressure is reached?

I really wish these shocks had came with a schader valve on the side, to make life 10x easier.

Picture of the kit, which includes the shocks on the truck.
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