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Bought new 04 1/2 2500HD, sat for one week, no start. U0105 DTC. EDU fuse blown, new one blows immediately. Sent FICM to be repaired, declared irreparable (four layer board burned all the way through at one of the three smaller capacitors). Checked harness at FICM tie down point, found and repaired minor damage to one wire, checked power at pins 5 and 119 and grounds at pins 2 and 114, all OK. Installed new FICM. Truck ran perfectly for 15 seconds and shut off with U0105. EDU fuse OK, repeated power and ground checks, checked resistance of injectors at FICM connectors:#1, 0.3 ohms, #2, 0.5, #5, 0.5, #3,4,6,7,8 all at 0.4 ohms, checked control lines from ECM on pins 44,45,47,48, 63,64, 66 & 67 for grounds with 10 megohm meter, all OK also serial data lines on pins 90 & 91 and engine speed input on pin 94. Second new FICM sets U0105 immediately, won't start (of course), EDU fuse is OK.
Codes (U0105 is only one set) checked with TECH 2 and won't clear.
Researched 'U0105' on these forums and didn't find anything helpful. HELP, please.
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