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Anyone around the DFW area notice a recent loss in MPG on your rigs? On the last two tanks 3/4 weeks my mileage has dropped noticeably. Like clockwork I regularly crank off just north of 17MPG. Last two tanks I'm around 15.7.

Normally I wouldn't say or even ask. I would think it's something wrong with my truck. But speaking with my brother last week, unsolicited he stated that he's lost MPG. He took his truck into the dealer because the change was so drastic. Just yesterday while helping my neighbor change his air/fuel filter on his 2005 Ford SD he stated he lost 3 MPG or so and is now running around 13mpg. He thought something was wrong with his truck. Thus why he was changing his filters.

All of this has got me thinking if we got a different blend of fuel, winterized maybe? #1? I've been running ULSD since late November, least the pumps had the ULSD 15ppm sticker posted.

Any ideas?
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