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Rancho Set Up

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I have been researching for almost a year now and should have the money for everything i am looking. I am looking at the rancho 4'' lift kit with 35'' Toyo MT's with 18 inch Diamo 17 Karat rims. Ride quality is rather important with me and i will not be doing much off roading and only occasional light towing. I am wondering if the add-a-leaf kit will be a good match for the rear end and if the height will work over the blocks. Shock wise i am thinking of going with the rancho 9000 remote resi's all the way around. What are the opinions on going with duels upfront. I know they look alot better(in my oppinion) but just wondering if they will help with much else. Beyond that i was also curious with maby a steering stabilizer. I dont even know if they are needed much with these ifs systems as i havent seen many but just wondering on options there. I plan on going high quality without cutting too many corners as this will end the mods on my truck. However i am still trying not to go too overboard on everything.

All comments, opinions, suggestions, criticism, will be greatfully accepted. Very curious on whether people think this tire rim combo will work. I would like to keep the trimming down to an absolute minimum. All installations wil be done proffesionaly. Thank you,
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What width wheels will be main factor with what you want. 8-9" OK, 10" close but you may need to really crank it up to clear. Most trucks with Rancho kit I've done use 35's on a 8 or 9" wide wheel, my own has 8" wheels. Ride will be good but if you need to crank it up then ride will suffer, add a leaf also stiffens the rear, but is needed if you plan to crank it up, if you keep close to stock adjust on the T bar bolts rear add a leaf is not needed. I gave mine 3 turns up from stock for the "bulldog" look.

Boss' 07 GMC sierra classic we needed to trim the lower front valance(bumper cover), he has 9" wide wheels.
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