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Apparently a common problem, the paint was flaking off of my radio power button (2003, BOSE w/ in-dash CD changer). I obtained a new button p/n 12210421. Thanks to whoever posted the part number a few months ago. The list price is $13.31 . I carefully popped the old button off using 2 small screwdrivers. A problem is that the replacement has 2 parts: The actual button, attached to a white plastic cylinder, and only the button popped out. I tried removing the plastic cylinder from the radio but gave up when I thought I was about to break something. Fortunately, it's easy to pop the new button off of its plastic cylinder and snap it onto the cylinder that remained in the radio. Maybe somebody can post a better removal procedure than my brute-force method. It does seem to me like there is a risk of breaking something just forcing it off as I did.

Then there is the issue of trying to prevent this from happening again. Using the old button as a testbed, I tried a few different clearcoats. I tried acrylic clearcoat from a spray can (both gloss and matte), and some brush-on water-based polyurethane. I learned that the paint on the button is some kind of super non-refelective stuff, because all 3 of the trial coatings glossed it up considerably. In the end, all 3 looked pretty much the same. I went with the brushed-on water-based polyurethane because I want to coat some of the other buttons before they suffer the same fate, and spraying them while installed on the radio would be difficult. So I'm accepting reflections in an attempt to keep the paint from flaking off again.

The pictures are the new button assembly before popping the cap off, next to the old buttin.


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