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Pyro gage sensor

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Where is the best place to drill and tap a pyro sensor? I have always put it on the exhaust pipe after it exits the turbo on some powerstrokes. Will this give me the same reading as the readings when the sensor is placed in the manifold? I would rather not drill in my manifold but if that is the best location for the sensor then I guess that is what I'll have to do.
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I know we are supposed to wait for Eric to reply, but I have to jump in here. I had my EGT gauge in the stock downpipe of the exhaust. It seemed to work fine. Then, recently, I put a Banks 4" on it, including the downpipe and I decided to drill/tap the manifold. Well, I just finished. Hoot's instructions for the installation are dead on. It only took me probably a total of 45 minutes from start to finish. Simple and easy. Now, I drove it around and I was amazed at how much more sensitive the probe/gauge is now that it is in the manifold. The heat rises and falls much more quickly than when it was in the exhaust pipe. It is also probably a good 200 degrees hotter all the time. Personally, I think this is the better place because it is closer to the thing you are trying to protect (turbo temp) and it is more accurate and responsive.

Again, way easy install, I swear I got more gray hairs worrying about it than I did actually installing it.

Hope this helps!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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