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Question... My GM Tech2 scanner only shows calculated fuel rate, and this number is constantly changing fast enough that it's hard to decide what to call it. Is there something else I am supposed to be going by? I tried searching but couldn't find anything. I am definitely having an injector issue with occasional fuel knock and occasional smoke at idle. The problem is, it is intermittent and has been hard to track down. I haven't caught it smoking at idle when I was near my scanner, or I would have just shut off cylinders one at a time until it quit smoking.

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So going off this, all 8 of my injectors on my LBZ are bad.. even though the truck runs like a rocket and there's no smoke .?

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Been doing some research but my basic knowledge of diesels is not up to par with many of you.

My friend has a 2005 2500 Duramax 6.6, truck is not stock. Has a DanVille Tow Tune on it, and the exhaust has been modified. Now I have scanned it using my scanner. He and his dad are saying that the truck is experiencing loss in power and a diesel knock.

I have the

Fuel Rate = 12

Actual FRP (MPA) = 38.7

Engine Speed (RPM) = 679

Inj 1 CMD ms = .66

Inj 2 CMD ms = .61

Inj 3 CMD ms = .73

Inj 4 CMD ms = .64

Inj 5 CMD ms = .6

Inj 6 CMD ms = .6

Inj 7 CMD ms = .66

Inj 8 CMD ms = .72

Balancing Rate Cyl 1 = 1

Balancing Rate Cyl 2 = -2

Balancing Rate Cyl 3 = 4

Balancing Rate Cyl 4 = 0

Balancing Rate Cyl 5 = -3

Balancing Rate Cyl 6 = -3

Balancing Rate Cyl 7 = 0

Balancing Rate Cyl 8 = 3

I read TheFermanator posts about calculating the difference and adding the 5 back in there but when it came to him having a tune I became completely lost on how to calculate it at that point. Any help is greatly appreciated.

To me it seems Cylinder 3,5,7 injectors are bad, but again with my limited diesel knowledge I'm uncertain.


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