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Hello,I Am A New Member As Of Yesterday.Finally Figured Out How To Post Pictures,Will Have More To Come.I Am Currently Using Edge Juice With Attitude For A Power Adder.Is Anyone Out There Using Triple Dog Programmer By Bullydog?The Crazy Larry Program Looks Sick.Also,What are Lift Pumps For? 2004 2500 HD LB7


Wes I hate to rain on your parade but there some ups and downs with the the tripple dog at least from my experiance. First off the great thing is it fits damn near every one of the big 3's diesel powered trucks except 02 and older Ford and Dodge. Plug it in while your going down the road and change your tune or if you have the outlook monitor just push a couple of buttons, it does tire sizes and trouble codes. The bad things and I guess this could happen with any tuner but mine left my truck with an incomplete calibration in the computer, got codes up the a$$ and was lucky that my truck still ran. Also I herd that the Crazy Larry is short of it's claimed 230 hp plus mine had terrible drivability problems while running it and it also rattled pretty bad( to much timing). And last they are not a supporting vendor on this site that should tell you alot. Do a search on some of there products and you may get an idea on at least a few= try there shift enhancer and see what everybody has to say.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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