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Prodigy Installation

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I purchased the Prodigy brake controller and wire harness. Where's the OEM coupler located? Are there any posts relating to the installation of the unit for the '03? Is it as simple as attaching the wire harness and replacing the fake fuse ?

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John, the harness plugs into the block under the dash on the drivers side. remove the plastic cover with the nut and the harness will only plug into one plug. put in a 30 or 40 amp J-case fuse in the UHFP and your golden! Make sure your wiring harness is for an 03 as 02 and 01's are not compatible with the new trucks.
Thanks for the information. I'll have to contact Tekonsha because when I ordered the Prodigy controller there was no selection option for the year of the Chevy truck. The Prodigy wiring harness for the Chevy has the OEM connector and the mate for the Prodigy controller.
I went to the Tekonsha website (www.tekonsha.com) and found that the Chevy '03 takes a 3015 - (2003) GM Brake Control Wiring Harness. What Camping World sold me was a 3025-P (for '99 to '02 model). dmaxalliTech thanks again for saving me a lot of trouble shooting headaches.

I obviously need help here. I installed my prodigy yesterday and all is going fine. What's this about a fake fuse? It sounds like I need a fuse somewhere and GM threw me a fake.

First, what's a j-case fuse? (I know, I'm an electrical idiot, but . . .)

Second, does it go somewhere in the block where I plugged in the prodigy in my '03, or somewhere in the fusepanel on the driver's end of the dash, or somewhere else? And what exactly does UHFP stand for?

Thanx in advance.
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Under Hood Fuse Panel

Swap the A and D wires on the plug and your 99-02 harness will work just fine in your 03.
Under Hood - Ok good - now where in there?

Jeff, here's a pic to help you out, pull out the plug and replace it with a real fuse. Like the one pointed out in the arrow. I got my fuses at NAPA

Mike T.

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Mike -

That's Beautiful - just what I needed. Thanx a bunch!

Jeep Puller,

Just in case you get a guy behind the counter at Napa that has the deer in the headlights look when you ask for the fuse, this is the part number for the 40 amp fuse: 782-1118.


I installed my Prodigy controller a month ago for my gooseneck trailer, no fancy harness on the "old" trucks there is a non terminated pig tail though for trailer hook ups back by the left rear tail lite taped up in the frame.

You might want to take a closer look at the instructions, mine recommended a 40A auto reset circuit breaker, I guess the thinking there is if you pop a fuse unless you see it pop; you will lose traler brakes, auto reset breaker if it is an intermmittent fault it will reset and you will still have brakes.
4x4man -

Thanx for the part number. ALLLways a good idea!
Hey Turbine Doc.

I'm installing a brake controler for a friend in a 98 K1500. Coluld you please tell me where you found the brake lite input for the controler?

Thanks for any help.
98 & 99 trucks, burbs & tahoes under dash convenience center just under emergency brake is a block bottom row left to right is marked DRK GRN and far right is NAT with 2 male terms in NAT cavity rt lug of the two is brake feed
Thanks for the help Doc.
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